Osi Okoro (vocals, guitar, piano), TJ Parker (bass), Ryan Gongaware (drums) 
Teamonade is a Cleveland-via-Toledo indie band. Transplants to the Cleveland music scene during Covid, they’ve started turning heads with their blend of acoustic, indie pop, and noisy guitar metallurgy. As they ask, “u ever go to McDonald's, and your beverage of choice would always be the sweet tea mixed with the minute maid lemonade, and one day they just got rid of the lemonade, so now you’re just filled with rage?” Yep, that’s Teamonade. We’re proud to have them on board.
Teamonade Bandcamp
Teamonade Instagram
Teamonade GetAlternative
Matthew Rolin (12-string acoustic guitar), Jen Powers (hammered dulcimer, autoharp) 
Transplants from Columbus – although Matt Rolin was a fixture of the Cleveland underground scene for years – Powers / Rolin Duo has set a standard for soundscape(y), loop-driven, improvisational drone. The songs have a majesty about them, odd considering the instruments used are not known for such broad and powerful flourishes. This duo is one-of-a-kind, and we are proud to support their continued touring, musical collaborations, and development.
Powers / Rolin Duo Bandcamp
Powers / Rolin Duo Feeding Tubes Records
Powers / Rolin Duo The Wire
Powers / Rolin Duo Columbus Monthly
Floco Torres (vocals, production), HR3 (drums, production) 
Free Black! is a hip-hop duo that actively nods to old-school beats and production, balancing the past, present, and future of hip-hop in each tune. Akron-based but regional in reach, the duo has played clubs, festivals, and even the Cleveland Public Library’s reading room. They are an innovative band with a progressive sensibility, and we are delighted to have them on board in 2024.
Free Black! Nobody Cares News
Free Black! Fan Links
Free Black! Ideastream
Sarah Cuturic (vocals & guitar), Will Cuneo (guitar), A.J. Graber (bass), and Jake Tisdale (drums) 
Napsack’s sound is both eclectic and classic: if their 2019 debut EP, ‘Not in a Bad Way, Partner,’ was an homage to the messed-up, Rust Belt pop rock of Guided By Voices, then their subsequent album Put You First (Just Because Records, 2021) added both clarity and breadth to their sound, with keen melodies and simple lyricism that evokes Big Star and Wilco. Their new companion EPs ‘No Rest’ and ‘Trust’ were released in November 2023 via Just Because Records. Producing twangy, duo-guitar, harmonized vocals, and propulsive rhythms, Napsack has established itself as a go-to indie band for Cleveland and the region. We love Napsack and are proud to have them on board in 2024.
Napsack Instagram
Napsack Just Because Records
Napsack Bandcamp

We continue to serve as the non-profit financial arm of the notorious and influential Cleveland Lottery League. Covid-sidelined in recent years, look for a return of this fantastic monstrosity very soon. If you’d like to make a donation earmarked to the league, donate to the foundation with "For Lottery League" in the note.

The foundation is one of a couple of sponsors of the main stage acts at each Juneteenth celebration in Cleveland Heights’ Coventry Village.

We work with our friends at Ingenuity to sponsor a stage at each year’s Ingenuity. Ingenuity has been supportive of local music and artists for nearly two decades, and we are excited to collaborate with them as they expand their musical offerings.
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