Raven Clark (vocals) with support from William Spencer (drums) 
UNIITY is the genre-warping, avant-punk brainchild of Philly-raised Raven Clark. Raw as hell, UNIITY pushes the boundaries of punk music, pulling as much from hip-hop and techno as black metal and hardcore. Distorted electronic beats and massive ambient guitars support gut-punching vocals that can range from hissing to singing to unclean screams that seem impossible for her small stature. UNIITY’s album, titled HIIVES, was released in March of 2022, following the conclusion of her first tour. Her mission and legacy is the unification of the emerging scene of independent, LGBTQ+, POC women in punk. 
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Chris Corsi (guitar), Stephen Ovak (guitar), John Corsi (bass), Ryan Matricardi (Drums), Emma Shepard (vocals) 
Suitor began as a recording project for musical duo Chris Corsi and Emma Shepard. In this line-up, Chris was responsible for musical arrangements while Emma wrote lyrics and vocal melodies. After their debut release through Just Because Records, Suitor grew into a five-piece act. With this arrangement, they have had the fortune of playing all of their favorite Cleveland venues. In 2023, they are focusing on their next release, which will be their first with a full band. You can catch Suitor playing shows all over the area. And adding to her own musical resume, Emma owns Shepard Records on Madison Avenue in Cleveland. 
📸JB Bergin
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Michael Bellis (guitar, vocals), Josh Snyder (bass, vocals), Matthew Ducey (drums)
Over the last five years, Brain Cave has steadily released a healthy handful of EPs, splits, and singles. They also released an LP in 2020. The band leans heavily into everything noisy and heavy, creating a truly unique offering of Hardcore adjacent Noise Rock that doesn’t shy away from melody when the opportunity arises. The band is looking forward to 2023, writing a second LP this winter in what should be their most limit-pushing collection of songs. As one critic put it, they’re a “[t]ough-as-nails, working class, post-hardcore powerhouse.” 
📸Brandon Olesky
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Michael Stanis (guitar, vocals), Deirdre McCafferty (bass, vocals), Michael Luciano (drums) 
Slug Fest merges heavy, messy garage/psych with powerful surf riffs, spazzy, upbeat basement punk, and dreamy, lo-fi bedroom pop. Combine that with drooling, shaking, crawl-on-the-floor, and climb-the-walls chaotic live shows, and you’ll be surprised at how energetic a three-piece can be. From the murky shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland, OH, your favorite Slugs have been here to crawl through your ears and into your brains since 2015. 
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We continue to serve as the non-profit financial arm of the notorious and influential Cleveland Lottery League. Covid-sidelined in recent years, look for a return of this fantastic monstrosity very soon. If you’d like to make a donation earmarked to the league, donate to the foundation with "For Lottery League" in the note.

The foundation is one of a couple of sponsors of the main stage acts at this year’s Juneteenth celebration in Cleveland Heights’ Coventry Village.

The foundation is excited to see The Little Rose Tavern in Cleveland hosting local shows and beginning the hard work of increasing its sound capabilities for bands and DJs alike. We made a donation to the tavern to upgrade their stage electricity. 

We are working with our friends at Ingenuity to sponsor a stage at this year’s return of Ingenuity. Ingenuity has been supportive of local music and artists for nearly two decades, and we are excited to collaborate with them as they expand their musical offerings.
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