Joe Boyer (guitar, synth, drum machine, vocals) 
Not quite bubblegum, not quite punk, not quite pop, and not quite New Wave, Joey Sprinkles creates pleasant but sometimes grave tunes from all that he is and is not. We love the quirky but (often under-the-surface) seriousness of his songs. Versatile and innovative, Joe produces all of the music himself and performs as a one-man band. His most recent album Don’t Get Dead (Wild Kamath Records 2018) is doozy of inspired hooks and clever lyrics. His debut BubbleGuts (Mirror Universe 2016) has been called “a composition of aspartame and the inevitable ‘big finish’” (Terrorbird).
Alisha Stahnke (guitar, vocals), Caleb Lemmo (guitar), Alex Wright (bass) 
Emerging from the Akron music scene and recently settling in Cleveland, Punch Drunk Tagalongs bring energy and bombast to each performance in a way that collapses the 45-mile divide between AKR and CLE. A solo project originally started by Alisha at open mics, the addition of Caleb and Alex and eventually (now former) drummer Wesley Who brought the band to fruition. With a rotating cast of drummers and a few years of writing and travel under their belts, their sound is crunchy, trebly, grungy, angular, and distorted. But songwriting is where it all begins, and Alisha’s lyrics combine with Caleb and Alex’s energy to form a whole. Their debut album Hazy (Sun Pedal 2018) is a whirlwind of gorgeous melodies and monstrous riffs. A truly great live band.
Macy (guitar, synth, vocals), Kiah Seoul (guitar), Bae B Jenna (bass, vocals), Nat Cherry (drums) 
Bringing forth a combination of cowgirl punk ethos and grotesque chicanery, Cotton Ponys are by far one of the most dynamic, curious, and raw bands currently performing in Cleveland. From bombastic, unpredictable shows to primal recordings, these self-described purveyors of “menstrual mayhem” channel punk rock in a way that feels new without losing hold of the history of rock-performance artists like Lydia Lunch, GG Allin, and even early Sonic Youth. Their debut album Daddy Stitches (Quality Time 2017) has all of the trademark distortion and mayhem one expects on a punk album, with the addition of the Drilldo as a viable instrument.
Harvey Pekar
Nick Kratsas (vocals), Elliott Frank (guitar), Nick Schmitt (bass), Ian Douglas (drums) 
Channeling the fury of hardcore and the growl of their curmudgeonly namesake, Harvey Pekar provides a continuation of the hardcore punk ethos that dates back to the early 80s here and on the coasts. Nick’s caterwaul blends brilliantly with Elliot’s strained guitar and Nick and Ian’s driving rhythms. Heavily road-tested with a new album in the works (their followup to 2016’s The Astral We) and ready to crash the music industry like a band van driving through a fruit cart in a chase scene, Harvey Pekar demonstrates the appeal of hardcore for audiences of all types through its blend of mid-tempo heaviness and Nick’s conceptual lyrics. And did we mention they’re really nice guys? There, we said it.
Once again, we are helping sponsor this amazing, insanely awesome art project that brings together hundreds of musicians to form 40+ new bands. It could only be birthed in Cleveland. Now moved to the Ingenuity space at the Hamilton Collective, the Big Show on June 8 will be a feast for all the senses. Part rock n’ roll circus, part game show, part city-wide art project… the Lottery League is a celebration of local music and musicians. It is not a competition. It is a unique series of events and activities that perpetuate an environment for breaking down barriers, facilitating pure collaboration, and rocking out in an epic way… building a stronger, more unified local creative community.
We have signed on as a sponsor for the first annual Hot Dog Fest being held on June 15 at the Happy Dog. This indoor-outdoor festival features multiple local bands and fun and games. It’s great to help out the Happy Dog after they’ve helped us out each year, providing us a stage for our annual benefit. Check out the links below for a full band roster and all of the fun that is to be had!
2019 EARTHQUAKER DAY​​​​​​​ 
EarthQuaker Devices in Akron not only represents the culminating creative vision of local musician Jamie Stillman and a bunch of his friends but also what supporting the local music scene should be about. More than a few local indie musicians work at EarthQuaker building innovative pedals that are used by local, national, and international musicians, while the company’s annual EarthQuaker Day has become an event enjoyed by musicians and non-musicians alike, celebrating the company’s positive impact on Akron, Ohio. We are proud to serve as a sponsor for this year’s EarthQuaker Day being held on August 3!
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