Cathalyn Robs (guitar, vocals), Eli Hanley (organs, sounds), Ashanti Allison (drums) 
Memphis-born and Cleveland-bred, The Katy’s music just feels good. From the energetic melodies and pulsing, driven tempos to the purposeful lyrics addressing inequality, relationships, adoration, and struggle, The Katy molds sonic shapes that evoke both reflection and chills in the listener. Influences include American and international sounds, filtered through Afrobeat to punk to hip hop. We here at Panza Foundation are excited to have this indie trio part of our roster this year.
Nolan Cavano (guitar, vocals), Ryan Fletterick (guitar, vocals), Nick Yanosko (bass, vocals), Tony Kazel (drums) 
What can be said of Oregon Space Trail of Doom other than holy shit? These cosmic cowboys have spent the past few years cultivating a sound that comes at listeners from all angles, coupling psychedelia, classic rock, shoegaze, and even heavy metal into a rough-headed beast that both entertains and awes. Sometimes even performing as the mysterious Oregon Space Trail of Jazz – yes, playing classic jazz – the guys have shown they have both the music chops and creativity to keep their audiences guessing. We are excited to have them on board in 2020.
Talor Smith (guitar, vocals), Kris Schmit (guitar), Connor Hunt (bass), Evan Searls (drums) 
Unabashedly poppy and shimmery, Biitchseat – yes, with two Is, thank you very much – is a friendly reminder that it’s ok to go to a show in Cleveland, dance a bit, and leave happier than you arrived. The unabashed joy in their music is only matched by their performances, which are always energetic and, at times, captivating and vulnerable. Recently showing up on more and more national bills and hosting shows themselves that pack in friends, fans, and new listeners, Biitchseat is primed to do great things in 2020. We are excited to have them on board.
Haley Morris (vocals), Kevin Jaworski (guitar), Steve Peffer (bass), Mark TerVeen (drums) 
What can be said of Pleasure Leftists other than they might be the best band in Cleveland. Their unabashed, unapologetic post-punk leanings, propulsive rhythms, and swooning guitar are only made all the more powerful by the pained and sincere caterwaul of vocalist Haley Morris. Seeing them live is to experience catharsis, and that is not hyperbole. Having played the US and Europe, Pleasure Leftists continue their now decade-long experiment in dark wave with their most recent album “The Gate.” We are quite honored to have them on board this year.
As we announced at our 2019 benefit, starting in 2020 we are officially the non-profit arm of the Cleveland Lottery League. It is our honor to act as the financial agent to assist the Lottery League in its now biennial event calendar. Part rock n’ roll circus, part game show, part city-wide art project… the Lottery League is a celebration of local music and musicians. It is not a competition but a unique series of events and activities that perpetuate an environment for breaking down barriers, facilitating pure collaboration, and rocking out in an epic way, building a stronger, more unified local creative community. Something like this amazing insanely awesome art project could only be birthed in Cleveland, like a rough beast crawling out of the Cuyahoga toward Public Square. Now moved to the Ingenuity space at the Hamilton Collective, look for the next iteration in 2021!
We are proud to serve in an advisory role for the first annual Akron Music Awards hosted by Chris Butler (The Waitresses, Tin Huey). Chris’ long-term goal here is to establish a Panza Foundation-style non-profit to serve the needs of independent Akron bands. This year’s awards are a first step in that direction. The award winners for this inaugural year are Beyonderers with honorable mentions Fancy Legs and Funeral Proposals. The award show/concert featuring all three bands is Saturday, March 7, at Musica in Akron.
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