Shitbox Jimmy
Rolling Stones meet the Detroit sound. With the addition of a second vocalist and songwriter, the band upped both their volume and options, now relying on the trade-off between vocalists and songwriting styles.
Mandy Look (guitar, vocals), Heather Gmucs (bass, vocals), Jeanna Lax (guitar, vocals), Roseanna Safos (drums, vocals)
With soaring vocals and heavy rhythms, Goldmines is by far one of the most dynamic bands in Cleveland. The band’s four-vocal capability only raises their value as a must-hear underground band.
Dave Taha (guitar, vocals), Matt Taha (bass, vocals), Nick Licata (guitar, synth, vocals), Nick Riley (drums)
Filmstrip spent the better part of the past four years touring the US, playing nearly every state. With the addition of multi-instrumentalist Nick Licata, Filmstrip blends classic songwriting with blown-out amplification.
David Russell (vocals), Ron Kretsch (guitar), Rich Riponi (bass), John Delzoppo (drums)
Arriving via other venerated noise projects, three members of MURDEREDMAN create a sonic wall while a kind of vocal graffiti artist raises the noise and visuals to sublimity. No other band in Cleveland combines such ferocity with such beauty. Think Pere Ubu on speed.
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