Fuck You Pay Me (FYPM) 
Tony Erba (vocals), Aaron Dowell (guitar), Alex Balmer (bass) 
Steve Callahan (drums) FYPM is a hardcore punk band from the west side of Cleveland. Musically the band sticks to an early 80’s fast yet tuneful approach buttressed by a harsh Midwest attitude and work ethic, with a lefty, working person’s politics. The live shows are often wild and chaotic yet safe and inclusive. FYPM travels as much as a band with members that work full time can and often hit many small towns in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic, as well as the traditional Northeast circuit. The band has released 2 full-length LPs, a self-titled LP on Schizophrenic, ‘Public Disgrace’ on Deep Six, and the forthcoming 2017 ‘Dumbed Down’ LP on Tankcrimes.
Mourning [a] Blkstar 
RA Washington (music), James Longs (vocals), LaToya Kent (vocals), Kyle Kidd (vocals) 
Formed in 2015 by RA Washington, M[A]B looks to forage new pathways toward heart music by melding soul, blues, electronics, and avant-poetics w/ futurist beats. Their debut album, “BLK MUSAK,” is forthcoming on Glue Moon Records.
M[a]B “Field N***as, My Heroes” Video
Glass Traps 
Chuck Cieslik (guitar), Matt Hallaran (guitar), Steve Crobar (drums), Sebastian Wagner (bass), Sarah Paul (voice) 
With an emphasis on drone, harmony, and sheer propulsion, the five members of Glass Traps deliver nonstop catharsis ‘til your brain hemispheres are gone. Twin guitars and a plethora of modulators combine with the haunting presence of vocalist Sarah Paul and a locked-in rhythm section. Utilizing the best of Cleveland’s old-school analog heroes, they’ve recorded their debut release with Paul Maccarone of Zombieproof Studios, expertly mixed and mastered by Ryan Foltz. Look for it in 2017.
Meagan (vocals), Frenchie (guitar), Jeanette (bass), Heather (bass), Wedge (drums) 
Deche plays a no-nonsense style of classic Hard Core Punk. Live shows tend to get raw and chaotic as the band plays together but feed from the energy they get from the audience, whether it's five or one hundred people. Love them or hate them,  there is currently no other “Female-Fronted” (for lack of a better term) band out there in the underground DIY scene that is doing what they are doing. Hopefully, they can be an inspiration to other women out there to pick up an instrument, make some noise, and finally be heard. Deche’s debut demo tape, “Ceci N'est Rien,” is currently sold out with no plans to reissue. They will have a full-length 12" LP on the Cleveland-based Wax Mage label sometime in mid-2017 and will undertake a 2nd tour of the USA once that is released.
Blank Slate Elyria 
As we do every year, we support a local venue or local concert series as a way of giving back to the DIY community in Northern Ohio. In 2017, we are supporting the outstanding DIY collective Blank Slate Elyria. As the name suggests, the venue is a blank slate for bands, artists, and others living on the far west side of Cuyahoga County looking for a friendly, supportive environment for creativity. As a volunteer-run venue and art gallery, Blank Slate encapsulates perfectly the DIY spirit of the punk, hardcore, and indie community. We’re proud to support them. Check them out!
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